Friday, February 19, 2010

Wow...Been a long time eh???

This is the first time I've been on my blog for a few months..not to mention it's been since JULY since I've had a new post...haha. Just haven't had the time nor the motivation to type. A brief recap of my last few months of pregnancy and then on to my beautiful, happy and healthy baby girl. 

Pregnancy was really not that bad for me. I worked until I was about 7 1/2 months and then got put on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy which was for about 2 1/2 more weeks. Due to blood pressure issues I've had for a few years def was causing an issue for me and Reese when I was pregnant. The doctors would increase my meds almost every time I went to an appt. I started at 200mg ONCE a day to 500mg THREE times a day. Meds did nothing..and my doctor wasn't the brightest I guess because he didn't ever change to a different medication to see if something else would work. He was a great doc, I just am surprised he didn't try anything else...Anyways in Mid-August we decided to move to SG 2 weeks later. The week we were moving I was at 32 weeks and from there on out was scheduled to have stress tests twice a week. Had my first one that tuesday...they put me on bedrest.. Didn't realize the day I left work on tuesday for my appt I wouldn't even be back before we moved. 

Anyways, during that week Ege went to SG to get registered for school and to start his new job. So I'm up in Lehi, on bedrest...being bored..and trying to pack as much as the doctor would allow. I go in for another stress test on friday...blood pressure is too high, and the nurse won't let me leave the hospital and had to stay overnight. Mind you...EJ is still out of town...on his way back up to Lehi with my parents so we can move the next day. So I'm all alone, pregnant..and an emotional wreck. I really thought they were going to deliver Reese that night. BP levels were the highest I'd ever had 192/120s=not good. So it's the next day and the only way the doctor will let me leave for sg was to promise that once we got into town that I would go to the hospital for a stress test. So I left the hopsital in American Fork, ate lunch, and headed to sg, once in sg not even 45 min..went to hospital..spent another night in the hospital. Did I mention that my parents and EJ packed the rest of our I NO clue where anything was...but very grateful for all of the help we rec'd. Okay, long story short...a week after this I spent 2 more nights in the hospital and finally at my OB appt and 34 1/2, my doc down here said we can't wait any long and have to deliver the baby. She wasn't growing due to my blood pressure..she was slowing down more and more at each appt. He was nervous if we waited any longer she would be still born. 
   Needless to say on 9/9/09...Reese Marie Saunders was born at 6:46pm weighing in at 3lbs 11oz and 16 inches long. She was so tiny but so perfect. Nothing wrong. No meds needed or oxygen, just 2 1/2 weeks in the NICU to make sure she was growing continually. We brought her home weighing in at 4lbs flat. My pregnancy wasn't miserable, but having to leave your baby every night at the hospital was heart breaking. Reese now weighs about 14 lbs and prob 24 inches long. She is the happiest baby. She's starting to roll over, loves to smile and flirt..but still a little shy. She makes everyone around her so happy. Here are some pictures from the last 5 months. Such a blessing she is!

I know these pics are older...working on uploading a lot of new pics...haven't had much time now that I'm working full-time..:( Sure miss Reese during the day. I'll try updating more often. :)