Saturday, July 18, 2009

27 Weeks

All right all I finally got more pictures taken. I actually had Ege take some last week..but I hated the pictures..haha. As you women know that have been pregnant don't feel to cute in any feel special that you get to see these! 

What changed since my last update:

-My left foot isn't swollen too bad anymore. THANK GOODNESS. I sleep on a magnetic mattress..that really helps with the circulation and it helps me sleep better too.
-Baby is def moving a lot more. Sometimes it just feels like I'm hungry when she's moving and other times it feels like she is doing flips in my belly.
-Ege felt her move for the first time this week. 
-Still don't have any weird cravings or really much cravings at all besides usual! haha
-I can't wait to see what my baby girl looks like, I find myself daydreaming about it a lot.
-I eat atleast 2 bowls of cereal every day. One for breakfast..and then for sure one before I go to bed. Lately when I get home I will eat a bowl of cereal for a snack. 
-I'm working out more...and that's giving me a lot more energy during the day.
-Went swimming for the first time since I got pregnant, the weirdest thing is the feeling that you're not pregnant. That's how I felt..kind of trippy.
-I had blood pressure long before I was pregnant..and it's been quite the battle to get it under control during this pregnancy. For now it's an "alright" reading taking meds 3 times a day to help control it. One thing that's a plus is that I have ultrasounds once a month from hear on out. It's always comforting when we go and she is growing on schedule and everything looks good. 
-I'm experiencing a little bit of heartburn that I've never experienced before I got pregnant. It sucks!
-Slowly have been getting things for the baby. Just ordered the stroller and swing for the babe today.
-I have the most random dreams with random people in it...people I grew up with...went to High School with..etc.
-I have random songs pop in my head. The other morning I had "Up on the Housetop"..I think that's the name of know..a CHRISTMAS song..haha random.
-I know that pregnancy does things to your taste buds..and it's been frustrating because something will sound good to make for dinner..I make it..and then I'm disappointed because it doesn't have as much flavor as it usually does. wahhhh...haha
-All in all, this pregnancy isn't bad at all and feel very blessed that I'm feeling good.

That's all I can think of for now...I'll add more if I can think of anything.