Monday, April 21, 2008

I Have NO Clue

Okay so I have been trying to figure it out...but i have no freakin idea how to do it. I have seen so many cute blogs..and I have no idea how to make mine cute!! I need help!! Any would be awesome!

I know..this post isn't much..don't worry another one is on it's way!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how to make mine cute either. Oh well. It's a blog, not a house. It could be worse.

Rachel Wilkinson said...

You can upload a playlist of all your favorite songs! (And then I could listen to them and steal some for my blog :D) It is fun just go to and create an account, all you have to do is search any song you want!

To make your blog should post all the cute pictures of your nephews!!! LOL

The Beals said...

@ the top of my blog is a website where i got my layout & it literally has thousands to choose from. it's really easy they give you step by step instructions how to do it.

Cheryl said...

there are a lot. there's or cutestblogontheblock.something (google it) or pyzam. i used a template from matie kay but then i alter it to how i like it.

good luck!

Cheryl said...

there's also

Lauralee, Dean and Camden said...

you can go to to get background for your blog. that's what I used

Zach 'n' Jack said...

hey, I'm Jessica Glasmann's sister - sorry, I know you don't really know me, but I was looking at the pictures of her at your wedding - you looked beautiful by the way! I thought I would tell you where I found my blog background - check out
There are tons of cute ones! Sorry if I freaked you out leaving a comment when you don't know me! I didn't mean to! - Jackie

Holly and Matthew said... the NEW BLOG!!! SASSY YET CLASSY :)