Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Jackrabbit Factor

So some of you know that I work for a Prosperity Coach. Not only focusing on prosperity of finances,but all areas of life. 

Well EJ and I have just started to go through the process of The Prosperity Coach-yes that's the name of the business as well. We have had two appointments so far and the first appointment Cynthia gave us the homework of reading the book The Jackrabbit Factor by Leslie Householder. I have just barely finished the book and what a positive impact it has made on both mine and EJ's lives.

On the front of the book there is a subtitle that says.."Why You Can". Which can only tell you what this book is about. To make a long blog's about achieving your goals in life. By having the right kind of mindset to accomplish your dreams!

One of the biggest messages the book conveys is Gratitude. How gratitude plays a huge part in your success in life which I believe 100%. One part of the book really struck me that I will work on doing in my everyday life.

It says "You've got to have gratitude for your present condition, no matter what they are, because it is the lessons of the present that prepare you for the blessings of the future. Have grateful thoughts for your current situation. Also, you've got to have thoughts of how you'll feel when you reach your goal."

It goes on to say.."Thoughts of trust are vital, too; trust that a higher power is guiding you to find and catch your rabbit (dream/goal). And, most importantly, you must have thoughts of belief that there is a way no matter what kind of obstacles may appear. These thoughts are all invisible but powerful little packages that go out and do for you many things that you can't do for yourself."

"Be genuinely grateful for the way things are, and then be truly grateful for how things will be. You see, to be grateful for something before it has been accomplished, is faith. And faith can move mountains"

How powerful are just those few paragraphs? I don't know about you, but it has really opened my eyes to the potential I really have in this life and how I can reach it.

We all have had obstacles. We all have had jobs we have hated, been in a money bind, etc, but have we been truly grateful for even those experiences or have we been negative and played a victim? I'll admit it. I have! If you say you haven't you are only fooling yourself.  

So why not change that attitude? Why not be grateful for what we have now and what we plan to have in the future? Instead of worrying about what we don't have, why not be grateful for what we do have in life? Let's quit being a victim and reach our FULL potential. The only thing that is stopping us from reaching our goals and dreams are negative thoughts. Let's change it!

This book has changed my life for the better. I have goals and dreams that WILL come to me as I am grateful and have the attitude that I will do what it takes to get that in my life. 

I'm so grateful for life's experiences both good and bad because those experiences have made me the person I am today and look forward to those blessings and growth from those experiences for many years to come.

Read this book, it will change your life.


Nick & Dorene said...

That sounds like an awesome book!

Katie L said...

Ugh...I totally needed to read that post this morning!! It was very uplifting!! Thanks for writing it! Loves!! Katie

Rachel Wilkinson said...

Nate loved the book too. I guess it is my turn to read it!

Holly and Matthew said...

You go girl! What a blessing it is to surround yourself with individuals who help you to become more empowerd with all aspects of life!! :) Awesome entry. . . really enjoyed it! ;) I hope Cyn is doing well! :)

Bills Family said...
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Bills Family said...

So you are finally going through the process!! That is GREAT!! A great book too! How are you guys doing? You need to post some new pics.

Heidi said...

Hey Heath! Sounds like a good book. I love you and totes miss you. We need to see eachother when you come down...for sure!!

Si(k)a said...

I generally shy away from books like these, but it sounds interesting. I have read Stephen Covey's 7 Habits and Good to Great companies, and I really liked those ones. Thanks for the preview.

*MARY* said...

How are things going? Well, I guess I can just read your blog now to find out, sweet! glad you found me, keep in touch.

Jessica G said...

I hadn't heard of that book before sounds cool. Thanks for the recomendation. I was just thinking about the very principle of being grateful for your present condition the other day. I have a friend who is atheist and she was wanting me to explain how I could be grateful to God the past year and think that he had anything to do with how I got where I am. Being grateful was like and insult to her way of thinking. Not mine! I'm with you!