Monday, July 14, 2008


So Ege and I went to Denver this past weekend for a Nikken Business trip. It was amazing! The seminar was all day sat and almost all day sunday. For a day and a half it was all about a personal growth course- not really anything to do with Nikken. Let me tell you, it was awesome. We wrote our own mission statements, set lots of personal goals, met tons of people. What a great experience for EJ and I to do together. We were really at an advantage at this seminar because we were maybe 1 out of 4 couples attending out of about 70 people. So we were able to be partners for the course when a lot of people weren't with their spouse for this. It was a pretty emotional experience and we learned so much and gained so much confidence not just with a business, but in every day life! 

Here are a few pics from the trip. I'm not really a camera person especially when it comes to pictures with soak them up! :)

Ege and I on our way to Denver..showing our excitement!

Ege should be driving right now...
So friday night we were on our way to meet up with my good friend Dieter for dinner and took the wrong exit on the freeway. We ended up on the right road we were looking for...but very far East. We left early anyways to drive around it was alright that we took the long way to dinner.  Only thing was...we wish it were a better scenic route! We totally ended up driving through the ghetto. Man it brought back memories of the ghetto on my mission that's for sure..only a bit more scary this time! Just glad it was still light out! We def. took a different route back to the hotel! It was quite the adventure!

We did get to drive by Denver Bronco's stadium. Ege was pretty excited to see that..

Waiting for Dieter to get to Casa Bonita for some grub. It was pretty cool It is like the Mayan in SLC if any of you have been their only Mexican style. Isn't my Hubby so handsome??!!

We stopped at this gas station in Cheyenne to pee...and this was on both the men's and women's bathroom doors. "Not an Exit". No $h!t! haha..bless Wyoming. I can say that because I was born there.


sorenson03 said...

that's it? no more pics? I'm gonna kick your butt!!!!

Glad you are back. holla.


if you want the experience of your life you should come to farmers market this weekend. It's Tight.

Katie L said...

Girl yo hair is gettin LONG!! I love it!

*MARY* said...

I'm always confusing restrooms with exits and exits with restrooms. Ya know cuz both the signs look so similar. Maybe I belong in Wyoming.

Jessica G said...

Looking good in your pics! Glad you had a good time at your seminar!

Bills Family said...

Looks like a fun trip! I was laughing so hard about the This Is Not An Exit sign. How funny! Only in WY!!
Miss you by the way. We need to get together for lunch or something.

Rachel Wilkinson said...

Hey any fun pics from the Lagoon weekend to share with us that couldn't make it?...

Lauralee, Dean and Camden said...

hahaha...that bathroom sign is awesome! That is put in place for when people are robbing the place and try to escape out the backdoor don't go into the girls bathroom by mistake! :)