Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have succombed...

to reading the entire Twilight series. I started last thursday and finished the last book today! haha..I have never been so obsessed with reading as I have with these books...weird. As some of you know..I quit my job to find something closer to my area so in waiting patiently for finding that job, these books have helped with the stress levels! It's been a nice distraction to have while I've been at home, applying for jobs, and waiting for interviews. I recommend them to anyone especially if you are stressed and needing a break!


Bills Family said...

WHAT?!?! You quit? I didn't know that? When?
We definitely need to meet for lunch and catch up.
The books are like heroine. (Not like I know what heroine is like, but can imagine with how obsessive these books are.)I just started reading Twilight over again. Oh and if you go to you can read about 235 pages of Midnight Sun, which is Twilight from Edward's perspective. It is so good!! Although she is not releasing it now because it was leaked on the internet about a week ago.
You need to come to the movie with us. We are having a girls night and going to the midnight showing on November 21st. Consider yourself invited. Good Luck on the job search...and I need details.
PS - Sorry for the novel.

Bills Family said...

That sucks about the drive. I bet you were spending $30 in gas a day. I hope you find something soon. =] We are doing good!!
Yeah the movie will be way fun! I have about 10 girls that I went to high school with and monthy we have Girl's Night. We would love to have you come. The more the merrier.
On the 13th we are all meeting at the Chessecake factory at 6:00pm. Let me know if you want to come. =]
Talk to you soon.

Katie L said...

Hey Sweet Popiscle!!! Im so glad you finally joined the trend of reading those books! Now, go out and get her other book 'The Host'. Also a brilliant book!!! LOVE YOU!

Nielsen Family said...

Ah its about time! I don't know why people fight it...they always "succomb" as you put it and just love it. I'm about to start reading them again...although Emma tends to be a little neglected with I read...oh well. Good luck with the job search! Let us know how it goes.

Rachel Wilkinson said...

Stressed and need a break, you were talking about me weren't you :) Maybe when everthing is in order (well somewhat closer anyway) I will read them

Toni Jones said...

YA it's about time you read those books! They will change your life. Ha ha! Any luck on the job hunt? I feel ya- I am looking for one as well. Freaking sucks.