Thursday, December 18, 2008


These too darling boys are expecting their first sister April 15th!!! Aren't they the cutest?! Yes they are my nephews...and I love them to bits! Gracen's tummy mommy is expecting and called my Brother Nate and Sis-in-Law Rachel to tell them the news! What a blessing these kids are to not only Nate and Rach...but to our whole family! We are all so excited!

These boys have the most beautiful dark brown eyes I have ever seen...

Haha...and this picture is priceless. Loves it!
My brother and his beautiful family.


Seth&Julie said...

I'm confused, are you pregnant? Is that the niece? Or the tummy mommy is pregnant, wouldn't that be a sister though? Either way it is exciting! yeah!

Nielsen Family said...

Cuties! It seems like just barely I was holding little Gracen wishing for my own baby and now she's here yelling at me...ah.

Rachel Wilkinson said...

YAY! We are excited (obviously)!
"Tummy Mommy's" due date was moved up to April 15th (did you already know that, I think so).
My cousin was due on April 15th last year and they joked about Naming their baby girl Iris...IRS! Thankfully they didn't but I thought it was a good joke that I might use when people ask what she will be named. ;)

rhonda said...

Those are my babies...!!!! I love 'um all.

Sita, Shalie, Ella said...

What an ADORABLE family. I just want to eat those little boys up! How exciting for them to be expecting a girl!