Sunday, December 7, 2008


So we went to St. George for Thanksgiving and had lot of fun with the fam! There were quite a few peeps there...several that I hadn't seen for quite some time! So it was great to catch up! I didn't get to capture everyone...I didn't think to take pics til lots of people left for the night. Thanks mom and dad for letting us crash at your house all the time! We appreciate all you do for us!! We love you!

My Handsome Dad, Cute Nephew Hayes (Lookin a little drugged up..haha) and my Beautiful Mom! I love this pic. Shows just how good looking my parents are!

Hayes and Boompa. He is a BIG kid! What a sweet baby he is!  He loves his Boompa!
 Oh Ege...haha..

We had a jam session a few hours after the feast! It was some good times playing the guitars and singin a long! My dad and his brother, Todd.
Bentley showing how big he can flare his nostrils!! haha.. No worries about that kid being able to breath through his nose!
Sweet Hayes. Love the beanie!
Ege and Marty. Jam on!

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Nielsen Family said...

I'm so glad you got to be with your wonderfuly Fam on Thanksgiving! Cute cute kids!