Sunday, May 17, 2009

16 Weeks

So here is my "16 weeks" photo. I know I'm at 18 weeks now, but I took this a few weeks ago and never got around to posting the pic then...yes I'm lazy. I'll put up another picture at 20 weeks. We find out what we are having this tuesday!!! Any guesses on a boy or girl??

For all you smart that is not deodorant...lets just say this shirt is a little stretched in that region! haha.. It's about time. :) I feel bigger than I look in this picture. I guess the view is different for me than others...since I'm looking down and see my belly stickin' out.

Things that are happening so far in the pregnancy:

1. I had "morning sickness" up to 3 months...seriously right when 3 months hit...the nausea was gone!! Freak ya. 
2. I get hot hands seem to get the hottest on my body. Weird.
3. I have random dreams every night. Sometimes more than one a night. If I see someone, think about someone, look at a picture of someone..I have random dreams about that person that night.
4. I seem to have random songs in my head ALL THE TIME. Some I haven't listened to in so long. I especially go to bed with a song in my head..and wake up with a different song in my head.
5. I haven't had any weird cravings so far. The first three months, I was more prone to feel sick at the thought of certain foods. Right now I feel somewhat more back to normal and I'm not as picky with what to eat.
6. If I'm on my feet for too feet start to ache so well as my back..yeah I know that's gonna just get worse...needless to say..I'm very excited for the pool to open!

And that's all I can think of for now. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! So when the pool opens...I'll drive up and lay out with you? yeah?

Nielsen Family said...

Ah you're so cute!!! I love it. I want to be pregnant again...its better than just fat. I was so hot was like 70 degrees out and it was sweating it up! And now what I created is on the floor yelling at her Cheerios.

Wilkinson Family said...

YAY for tomorrow!!! I am so excited for ya to find out (and let's be honest, a little jealous if sweet cheeks is a girl), but don't worry it's a good jealous!!!
I best be on the first list of people to know what your little one is....

Wilkinson Family said...

YAY! 20 weeks and 2 days! Half way baby!

The Zufelt Family said...

Holy crap! that is so exciting. I was wondering when a baby post would come along:) What a cute little belly! You are going to be a great mom. can't wait for us to have more in common! Poop and more poop!

Cami said...

you look so cute. keep the pics comin.