Sunday, June 7, 2009

21 Weeks

Here I am at 21 weeks, growing by the day in more areas than just my belly..:( haha..Sacrifice right?  Here is how things are going:

1. Every once in a while I'll get sick to my stomach. It only lasts maybe ten minutes, so that's good.
2. I eat a bowl of cereal every night before I go to bed.
3. I've had a little bit of swelling. Meaning in my left freaking foot. I know, it's weird. The top of my swollen foot it feels like there is a huge bruise all the way up to my mid shin. I went to the doctor this last week, he thought was weird and said to just watch it to see if it gets if anyone has had this...let me know! 
4. I don't crave much right now that I HAVE to have. It seems like I was more like that in the first trimester. I'm not as picky with eating as I was in the first trimester either.
5. I'm starting to feel her move. I don't feel it too consistently yet, but I know it will happen soon.
6. I get irritated very easily, and people will know it when I'm pissed. No hiding it for me! haha..

I haven't done really anything yet to get ready for the baby. I've looked at cribs and such online just to check them out, but want to ask all you mom's out there what you baby products you have liked. What you haven't liked. What you use a lot and what is a waste of money to buy. Also, wondering if you all read books with your first pregnancy? If so, what books did you find helpfu? Please help this first time momma out! 


Anonymous said...

I wish I could help you out in some way...but never had a kid before. You look great girl!

Nielsen Family said...

Did you get that shirt from Motherhood? They had one just like it and I really wanted it but never got it. Anyways, you look super cute!

Tobler's said...

You look super cute! I am glad you are feeling pretty good for the most part. I am sorry about your swelling foot! :(
I personally love graco and evenflo brands as far as carseats & strollers go. Something I never used that I so thought I would was a changing table. It always ended up that I was changing the baby on a blanket on the floor or on my bed. Good Luck with everything! :)

Elise said...

cute belly!

Sharp Times said...

okay...i feel the same about the changing table thing. we knew that we would change him everywhere under the sun, although when he was brand new my back was sore for awhile from bending over to change him on our bed since it sits so low. I love the diaper genie II!! I have heard that the Diaper Genie II Deluxe or whatever it is called is bigger aka more capacity. That would be nice for you I think. Boudreaux's butt paste is good stuff too... I felt like the J&J "Sleep lotion" actually made a difference when he was younger...not now though. Different size blankets for different ages, stages. CAR SEAT COVER esp in cold weather! I could go on and on of course...I want an invite to a baby shower!!

Sharp Times said...

p.s. I retained a lot of water (Very swollen) but I don't think it was that early. but a lot of it was in my feet...not sure if i showed you. BUt sometimes it was a struggle to get my loose fitting flip flops on. Maybe your dr can do something. Unfortunately mine got worse after he was born but went away within 3 wks. Good luck. If you could handle mission stuff, this should be even more worth it!! Love ya :)

Candy and Mike said...

Oh!!! soooo sweet. How is baby Candy doing?

Lunch?..... please. said...

Such a cute little momma (and daddy is too of course).
Try to keep the lid on that "pissey" thang...specially with Ege. Need to keep that blood pressure within normal limits. Sorry about that missey...tried to give you good stuff but gave you the hypertension instead.
Can't wait to see you this weekend!
Love ya bunch!

jamie_lish said...

you look so damn cute!! you know, i hated the diaper genie. I had it for a few months when jake was born and then I threw it out. It keeps the stink in while you have it shut but when it gets full and you have to empty it smells something fierce and i'd gag everytime. old grocery sacks and a regular garbage can is my disposal of choice. don't buy very many clothes cause I got you covered in that department.

love ya, jame

Dana Cheryl said...

Hey Heather!

So I totally lurk about your blog. ha ha! I know it's a bit late but big congratulations!!! You really are damn cute! Work that cute belly hot mama!!! :)

Sharp Times said...

YEs totally on the dating thing!!:)

Wilkinson Family said...

new picture time! new picture time! Show off that baby bump, it's been 5 weeks since you showed it off :)