Friday, March 21, 2008


So I titled this post as "too blessed to be stressed"...which is a quote from an investigator I taught on my mission. She was such a funny lady with a lot of soul in her! She would always say that phrase and it would make me laugh but it is so true!

Ege and I have been so blessed lately. EJ got a new job working at the Massage School in Lindon...which is pretty much only part-time. We kinda stressed when we saw his schedule wondering what to do. Well EJ is so motivated and got his resume sent out to so many places over the past week! Anyways...He had an interview with Massage Envy. It consisted of an interview as well as a massage that he had to give to the interviewer. He was a little nervous before hand because he's not used to the "nice" massages...he is more along the lines of alighning the body..very deep stuff. So he had his interview..and then gave the massage. When he was done they told him that was one of the best massages they'd ever had and when can he start?!!! Needless to say...we are "too blessed to be stressed" and so thankful for this opportunity! I'm so proud of my husband! He is a go-getter! I love you Ege.


The Boren Family said...

Let me just say you are so lucky to have a husband who knows how to give a "wonderful" massage. How are things going? I put my blog on private so I sent you an email to invite you to my blog! You just have to click that email.

Marcus and Shelly said...

Oh yeah! Don't you love how things work out...eventually.

The Beals said...

Hey Heather! Remember me? 13th ward? out my blog & I bet you will! Congrats! Married life is the best... we're working on year #3! keep posting, it rocks!

love ya

Ashley (then killian) Beal

Katie L said...

Heath!! You need to get me here on your blog under your friends!!

The Ripley's said...

Heather I am so happy to see you blogging! I'm glad we got to make it to your wedding. You looked BEAUTIFUL, and EJ seems like a great guy. Congrats!