Thursday, March 20, 2008


This was at the open house...after the ring ceremony the wind was insane! Okay so I really wasn't a Bridezilla as it looks like in the picture..promise! There was no point in throwing a fit if there is nothing you can do about it right? It still turned out pretty good I think.

I love the above picutre. It's a picture of a picture..i think the reflection of the open house is awesome. Anyways...That's one of our bridal pictures. Prob one of my favs that was taken

It was such a beautiful day when we got out of the temple! It was actually kinda hot if you ask me! It was perfect!
We have now been married for about a week and a half. I am loving being married to EJ! He is so wonderful and takes care of me...I only hope I can return that care for him! We have been keeping super busy with getting our condo in order...I still have boxes everywhere! We are so excited to get it all put together. It's going to be fun for me to decorate and buy things for our new place! Woo hoo!!
Married life is so fun, but a bit of an adjustment! A good adjustment though..I think the weirdest thing is changing my last name. I keep forgetting to sign my married name! haha..I didn't practice writing my married name before getting married...I'm a little lost! haha..I'll get the hang of it though. I'm so happy! I love everything about EJ. He keeps things fun and makes me laugh. Which is def. what I was looking for!


Alexis said...

You were too a Bridezilla. Liar.

Love ya.

Marcus and Shelly said...

Bridezilla huh? I guess I'm glad I missed that...tear not really. Love the pictures though! Someday I want to just look through all of them. Living with a boy is so much fun and full of laughs! Enjoy and make sure you share the stories!

Katie L said...

Heath, you were just so beautiful and it was a way nice ceremony in the temple. Very emotional. Sucky wind....but the awesome cake made up for it. It was sooo fun to have all the girls together haning out!

John & Shannon said...

Heather....yay! A fellow newcomer to the blogging world. I've added you as a link to my page. Anxious to keep up with all your latest happenings. Congrats on your recent wedding. Married life is grand eh? I've been married for three months so far and loving every bit of it.

Later, Shannon

Rachel Wilkinson said...

Yeah! I am glad to see your pics have been updated! They are GREAT!!!
So how has the cooking been?

Bills Family said...

The picture of the two of you is beautiful!!! I think your pictures turned out amazing! Congrats to EJ and his new job. The picture of you in the wind...Priceless!! LOL!
Love ya!