Thursday, March 27, 2008

A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE I promised a couple of my friends that I would do the memory post. I hope I include everyone! Here goes...

1. I met one of you in Mr. Hansen's science class in 7th grade..later that night..we were in the same dance class. Been best of friends ever since!

2. Every Sunday in college a few of us would have dinner at the Blue house on main street before going to the fireside that night.

3. Several of you would come to my house all the time in Washington...we would laugh til all hours of the night..sometimes being escorted out of the house by my dad...haha!! Man..that was fun.

4. A few of you would go line dancing with me at the Dance Factory...RIP Dance Factory! tear...

5. A few of us went to the Forgotten Carols this past was amazing!

6. A good percentage of pictures taken in College was taken at Chili's...this involved several people...many many times! Queso anyone? I had some a couple days had been that stuff is good!

7. How about that Hottie of the Week?!! What fun our group had that year!

8. I would have to take you home after hanging out with friends..then you would talk me into getting ice cream and we would talk forever about the girl you liked...who is now your wife! :)

9. Christmas of '03 we were bored one night so you and I had a photo shoot...we made a little film with photos trying to race up my stairs! haha..

10. A few of us witnessed Tanya doing the splits down the slide at Heidi's house...while she is going doin the slide...hearing a crack in the slide...haha..i'm laughing as I type this!

11. A few of you would take me on adventures to Coleman's house..I hated that..It def. made me laugh though. There are songs to this day that still remind me of that.

12. A few of us went on a walk in Bloomington one night...witnessing another friend take her shirt and bra off and watching her freakin huge boobies bounce across the Bloomington bridge.

13. A couple of us shaved Brad Loyd's legs one night...hmmm....haha

14. We would have sleep overs all the time..we would practice our dances..or make up our own. We made a lyrical to Jewels "You Were Meant for Me" was forever ago.

15. Davido Osmondo..Spears! haha...

16. I will say only one word for a few of you out there...Puta

17. You were cleaning out your pool so we could go swimming...You still had your clothes on and fell in the pool!!

18. A few of us would go to Nelson's Frozen Custard and pretend we were falling off the fence...haha..we are lame!

19. We would make a trip to Vegas every once in a while just to go to Cheesecake Factory and watch people.

20. A few of us crowded in the dressing room in Victoria's Secret as one of our friends tried on lingerie..yes...a thong was involved.

21. "You need to get that fixed!"

22. I was on my mission and two of you were in the St. Louis area..and took my companion out for dinner..there were a few people that were jealous of that. It was exactly what I needed at that time!

23. I was talking and laughing with one of you in Mrs. Morris' class in middle school. She warned us and then took us out in the hall and called our parents. My parents still bring that up and laugh to this day.

24. I got you free passes to the summit all the you could come to the hip hop class taught by Scott and work out with me. That was so fun.

25. Dan and I soaped a few of your thought Luke did it..I don't know if the truth ever came out that I was a part of it. :) This started a soap..and marshmellow war.

26. I distinctly remember your signature dance move in college...for example..when "Shut Up" by Black Eyed Peas came on...

27. I was always a third wheel with you and your husband...I didn't care though..I had so much fun with you guys!

28. You always had the best sound systems in not only yours...but your whole family's cars. It was like a free massage.

29. A few of us had a freakin awesome photo shoot by BYU campus. That was after an amazing friend weekend! Prank calls were involved.

K that's all I can think of for brain is a little slow.. I'll add more when I think of some.


Alexis said...

wow... I think I am in so many of those I can't even list them. Coleman!

Katie L said...

Heath!! I love them!! I was laughing my ass off the whole time I was reading them!!

Toni M. said...

You PUTA. Ha ha. Forgotten Carols WAS fun. I'm a little sad that you didn't include a memory involving mooshed bananas and garlic!

Heidi said...
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Marcus and Shelly said...

YOU SOAPED MY CAR!!! Oh my heck...I knew it was Dan but YOU... oh if I could I'd get you back. Alexis and I almost died that night trying to drive that car to a carwash!!!
I totally forgot about your Dad's truck that was so funny! Yeah I think it was Luke's head that left the dent in the ceiling.
I laughed so hard that I cried while reading about the slide and the boobie bridge.

The Ripley's said...

I know that I am number 9. I miss that ice cream....oh and the talks:)

Jessica G said...

Hey I'm glad you posted onmy blog cause now I know yours! These memories are are just too much fun!